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    Undaunted, Runners and Spectators Gather for the 2014 Boston Marathon

    For more photos and videos from the 2014 Boston Marathon, browse the #bostonmarathon and #bostonstrong hashtags, explore the Boston Marathon Finish Line location page and follow @bostonmarathon on Instagram.

    More than 35,000 runners and nearly half a million spectators turned out for the 118th annual Boston Marathon today. Despite last year’s bombings at the finish line, top athletes from 91 countries convened in Boston again this year. Family, friends and well-wishers—undeterred by last year’s tragedy—lined the 26.2 mile route from Hopkinton to Boston to cheer and document the event.

    Rita Jeptoo of Kenya, with a time of 2:18:57, took first in the women’s category. With a time of 2:08:37, Meb Keflezighi took first place among men, the first American to do so since 1983.

    Instagram, you forgot to post the wheelchair results: for the men Ernst Van Dyk (South of Africa) won his tenth Boston Marathon (1:20:36) while Tatyana McFadden (USA) repeated as the women’s winner (1:35:06). 

    source: SBNation

  2. Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational, a set on Flickr.Via Flickr:
I attended my first rowing regatta over the weekend, the 2nd Annual Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational, and I took a few photos. We had a lot of fun! But, also learned the hard way that one should definitely bring sunblock to a rowing regatta.
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    Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational, a set on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    I attended my first rowing regatta over the weekend, the 2nd Annual Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational, and I took a few photos. We had a lot of fun! But, also learned the hard way that one should definitely bring sunblock to a rowing regatta.
  3. I'm quite a spiritual guy but recently i've been so depressed and i want to kill myself but at the same time i don't want too . What's wrong with me? how can i help myself?


    There is nothing wrong with you, brother.  

    You want to end the depression, not your body’s life. 

    Since you’re a spiritual guy, I’ll give it to you straight: Use the depression. Right where you stand now is the meat of the path. 

    All who walk the path are in some sense wounded healers. We heal ourselves and in doing so heal others. That is the meaning of harmony. 

    It is not a one and done event. You don’t just snap out of depression or “become” healed. Healing grows to be a way of life. In Buddhism, that is called compassion. 

    The Bodhisattva Way has been likened to being a kind of spiritual warrior. To constantly stay and face these challenging experiences, to actively allow them to soften us, to dare to love and weep or laugh and embrace, this requires a warrior’s bravery. 

    If you stay, exhale, and attend to the depression, then you will digest it as you continue to walk the path. It will make you softer, braver, and more loving. Sometimes it hurts. 

    An excellent place to start is with daily meditation and tonglen. These are two essential practices. By all means, use all resources at your disposal, be they therapists, psychiatrists, or acupuncturists. 

    But this is not a flaw for you to be rid of, a monstrous or unacceptable thing. It is human suffering and you are not alone in it. In practices like tonglen, for example, you would inhale all the depression you are feeling and exhale love and kindness and compassion. Then you would broaden that to anyone who has ever felt depressed, and you would breathe in their depression and exhale compassionate goodness to them all. 

    These practices help to show us how strong and loving we can really be. A book I would recommend is The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron. 

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with the story of how Eckhart Tolle became realized but essentially he was alarmingly suicidal and then realized one night that the self he wanted to kill wasn’t actually him. His book The Power of Now is worth a read. 

    I could also just mail you a book if that’s helpful to you. 

    If at any point you feel I can be some help along the way, you know where to find me.

    Namaste, much love. 

    To share with my daughter, kaylafitch.

  4. Jesus Saved You on Flickr.
A street sign seen in a vacuum sales & service shop downtown Champaign, IL.
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    Jesus Saved You on Flickr.

    A street sign seen in a vacuum sales & service shop downtown Champaign, IL.

  5. Hello, I got a little stuck on my spiritual path wondering how to openly confront the bigger issues like world problems, poverty, corporations & lobbyist taking over, animal cruelty in food industry,... I know there is not a lot of free will out there, people get manipulated and are made to stay ignorant in their lives. I try not to judge, keep my mind pure and think about how I could help the world.. but it feels pointless and useless in the bigger picture.. Humans are messing up the world..


    Who were you before the world was seen? That is the spiritual path. 

    No one has seen the world without a body. All of these assumptions we have about being separate from one another started with the false identification regarding the body and mind appearance. 

    It is not a question of staying pure or saving the world. It is about awakening to the reality of existence. 

    No one can truly keep another in ignorance and conversely no one can truly awaken another. Others can encourage ignorance or encourage awakening but in the end it is up to us. 

    The world will outlive humans. That’s not the problem. The problem is the way we pass around suffering instead of confronting our own. 

    We think change will come from the outside, that someone will set the world right and it will stay that way. But any peace that has come from such external conditions has always been temporary. 

    The only lasting change will be the one that starts locally and grows from there. It comes down to how we live our lives, confronting our own ignorance. No amount of ignorance is too big or too small to go uninvestigated within ourselves. 

    Before seeking to set right the world, set right your own ignorance. 

    “Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

    This doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t help where possible. But if the food industry is a problem to you, for example, then move into it and change it from within. It’s one thing to look from the outside in and say this should be different. It’s another thing entirely to view it from the inside and say “Okay, this is what needs to change and this is how I’m going to help that happen.”

    It’s not about making enemies and pointing fingers at who is to blame. It’s not about us versus them and creating more conflict. It’s about awakening from differences, it’s about using our intelligence in combination with compassion for all, and it’s about aspiring for harmony over a conception of perfection. 

    And in the end it is important to remember that your thoughts about the world are not the world. Drawing conclusions about the ‘state of the world’ is a game invented by mass media. You don’t have to play their game in order to be of help. 

    Namaste sis :)